About the Environmental Protection Dialogue

Background: Why the Environmental Protection Dialogue

The Environmental Protection Dialogue (EPD) is an environmental accountability space for all sectors aimed at co-creating solutions to Zambia’s key environmental challenges through effective dialogue. It was tailored to operate as an annual platform for multi-stakeholders to; 

(1) create an action oriented platform for engagement of government, traditional leaders, communities, cooperating partners, civil society organisations, academia, youth and women:

2) deliberate upon issues surrounding environmental policy, plans, mechanisms and frameworks, as well as capacity to attain set national objectives, implement actions on environmental protection in all sector and enhanced policy dialogue for improved decision making at national level;

(3) acting as a platform for monitoring the implementation of the environmental sustainability pillar of the 8NDP, and

(4) focus on finding win-win solutions that can address both environmental challenges and wellbeing of our communities and sustained exchange of experiences and information on how we can safeguard the environment while enhancing people’s livelihoods.

Governments Role in Co-Hosting the Environmental Protection Dialogue

The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment is responsible for the implementation of the Biosafety, Climate Change Policy, Environmental Policy and Forestry Policy, among other subjects. This is done in line with the thirteen principles of environmental and natural resources management and development specified under Article 255 of the Zambian Constitution, which also provides for the protection and management of the environment and utilization of natural resources. 

The Ministry of Green Economy and Environment was created to provide leadership in Zambia’s transition to a green economy through a green growth pathway. To this effect, the Ministry shall ensure that all socio-economic endeavours are done while keeping a low carbon footprint, in a resources and energy efficient manner and with inclusion of everyone.

The Role of the Ministry in the EPD is to provide political and technical leadership through officiating the event at the highest Ministerial leadership level and ensuring technical guidance is provided during preparations and representation made during the event. The Government of the Republic of Zambia has been instrumental in hosting the Environmental protection dialogue since its inaugural in 2020 to date and have formalized the EPD as a nationally recognized environmental Platform.